Multiplayer Virtual Reality Tank Game

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Vitrual Reality

Armoured VR is built specifically for a great Virtual Reality Experience, its been optimised to maintain 90FPS at all times so you have a smooth experience. Interact with everything in the tank by physically grabbing it with your controller.

Various Positions and Roles

Crew up the tanks in positions such as a commander, gunner, loader and driver to try and achieve victory. Each position has a different role to perform, and good communication could mean the difference between life and death!

Cooperative Gameplay

Work together online with your friends to complete missions and objectives. Don’t have enough people to fill out an entire tank? No worries, AI will fill any non-human position, meaning you can play by yourself. 


Realistic ballistics and armour modelling mean where you put your tank is very important. Manuvure behind the enemy while trying to not expose your weaker armour. This will take a lot of fast strategic planning to respond to an ever changing situation.

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A game from 313 Studios